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Encouraged by a  desire to use all of her gifts, Cassondra Dilworth has had the opportunity to wear many hats. Entrepreneur, teacher, dancer, choreographer, producer, actress, creative director, and web designer. he truly believes that "we are not one dimensional beings, if you are not evolving, then you are not growing." She takes pride in being multi-faceted and lending her talents to accommodate the various needs of each client, in order to bring forth their vision and help cultivate their brands. Currently, she is co-owner of Respire Massage and Spa (which has been recognized as one of the top spas in the United States), a product specialist for Regen the Body luxury product line and Just Get Poppin Gourmet Popcorn. 


Born in Mississippi, but Atlanta bred, her creative talents originated through her  love for dance. Her training began in the genres of ballet, tap and jazz and evolved later in Horton, hip hop, step, lyrical, contemporary and African dance. She began training at the early age of 3 under Rhonda Levy at College Park School of Dance, member of the drill team, cheerleader squad, and has danced  and performed for various events and  productions.  


 At the young age of 13,  her  teacher, Mrs. Culpepper, approached her and simply said, "You are going to be the choreographer for the school's production of  Purlie."  Cassondra was shocked and terrified all at once, and overwhelmingly honored that she had that much faith and trust in her to complete the task.  She was then accepted into Northside School of the Performing Arts (which later became North Atlanta High School) as a dance major,  and her world was forever changed. Under the influence of the great and late Gary Harrison, founder of the Gary Harrison Dance Company, she truly learned to trust her creativity and grew immensely as an artist, performer and dancer. 

After high school, she was accepted to Georgia Southern University and majored and graduated with a BA in Secondary Education with a minor in African American Studies. While attending GSU, she was co-founder of the dance company Queens, in conjunction with Umoja Performance Company, which continued and grew several years after  the founding members graduated. Queens was a great contribution to growing and building the arts community for the campus and surrounding areas. After graduation, she became one of the original members of the Culture Shock Atlanta Hip Hop Dance Troupe, and its co-artistic director.  It is there, where her creative and choreography skills blossomed even more. She expanded her understanding of the entertainment business  by becoming an intern for So So Def Records, mentored under Nicole Wilson and Bart Phillips.


She and other CSA alums were brand ambassadors and dancers for Colomer USA for the multicultural hair care line known as the  Arosci Division with Revlon. Cassondra later became  a lead choreographer, model and the dance captain. The dance family that she formed from CSA curated a partnership  and the creation of Trilogy Inc, a hip hop dance company committed to training, choreography and artist development. The catalog of work they created gained the attention of many and also provided  opportunities to work with many artists, companies and brands. Trilogy would  help build and shape the Atlanta arts and dance community, and contributed to the growth of one of the largest dance studios in the Southeast, Gotta Dance Atlanta. This partnership and relationship helped train and influence the careers of many dancers who are still making their mark on the dance industry today. 


Cassondra has worked with artists with exposure on stage, in theatre, film, videos, production and event planning. Some of the artists include Black Eyed Peas, DJ Taz, Kilo, Outkast, Eshe, Arrested Development, Juanita Bynum and Micah Stampley, just to name a few. Her experiences have included  stage performance, plays, tours, videos and movies, such as The Notebook and various choreography showcases and conferences including Passion to Dance and The Carnival: Choreographer's Ball in Los Angeles, CA. Her desire to help dancers and artists honor their bodies and temples lead to her passion for massage therapy. 


Cassondra prides herself in being a team player and helping others shape and bring their vision to life. The experiences that she has encountered from all of these roles have shaped her, as they do anyone, but they also inspired her to constantly search and tap into all her talents. She will always desire to shape and build artists, dancers and creatives to  bring forth the talents they possess.  

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